What do we do?

We are a cultural, educational and environmental charity that aims to preserve the Romanian heritage and uniqueness. We seek to impact the people and places at home while also engaging the Romanian community overseas. 

We do so by raising through fundraising activities that promote Romanian traditions and crafts, funds which are then directed to sensible spots of Romania.

Our efforts are directed at preserving the Romanian nature, the Romanian traditions and arts, encouraging Romanian ideas and the advancement of the Romanian people and society, with a special focus on the young generations.

Our first projects were aimed at supporting disadvantaged children in Moldova and Romania. If you’d like to be part of this movement…



The Romanian spirit is carried by its people. By investing in people we can help raising strong individuals who will shape Romania’s future. 

The young generation is at the core of this change so we want to empower the youth and give a fairer chance to those in need.

More than that, we seek to support and promote extremely gifted individuals in yielding their ideas for a better, visionary future.



From the interwar aviation breakthroughs to the present day cybersecurity and nanotechnology innovations, Romania has contributed with its fair share to the world’s advancement in science and technology.

Little March supports authentic projects that bring new progress in the world while developing a local culture of ingenuity and creativity, making sure Romania benefits first — not last — from the great minds it is yielding.


Arts & Culture

We gave to the world great artists and philosophers like Eminescu, Enescu, Brâncuși, Eliade, Ionesco, Cioran and Blaga, but our country rank last in pretty much all of the statistics about cultural activity.

We are working to change that and to make justice to a nation full of history and arts, which are waiting to be discovered and valued as they deserve.

By bringing the site to live, promoting them efficiently and developing new original concepts we can become again a hot cultural sport of Europe.



Romania has a stunning nature being home to one of the most iconic and diverse landscapes in the whole Europe.

With such a treasury, Romania deserves to have its environment clean and protected.

Little March works to stop the continuous degradation of the nature, to revive the affected zones and shield against any potential damages. 

Reforestations, cleaning inland waters and extend protected areas are our top priorities.



Long -time established traditions are dying out across the continent at paces similar to the species extinctions.

In the midst of the hectic globalised world, societies sometimes tend to give up what once carried meaning, preferring to merely copy and align to some global trend.

Romania still has traditions in its invaluable sites in the Carpathians and not only, where these ancestral traditions are still practiced. 

However, as the global surge knowns no limits these traditions have become endangered.

We want to make sure that while we adapt to this century’s pace,  we don’t forget where we came from, and we honour our roots with deep respect and steadfastness.



Support the local artists and communities by purchasing a meaningful craft, symbol or an object of art – one that will remind you of our homeland and its treasures every day.

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