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We hearten, preserve and revive our unique Romanian unique heritage. No ifs, no buts. Will you become part of Our Movement?

What Do We Belive In?

We believe Romania has an invaluable treasure in its nature, people, ideas, culture and artworks. Romania deserves to thrive authentically, still in the 21st century.

We believe that only by developing as a civilisation can we provide authentic and endless value to the world, be it economic, cultural, natural or spiritual.

Quick fixes and cheap solutions don’t work. In fact, it is these that brought us to this point.

Just as individuals, nations have to be themselves and to believe in themselves if they want to flourish.

What is Little March?

We are an cultural, educational and environmental charity that stand up for Romanian authenticity.

We raise funds and direct them to the sensible spots of Romanian heritage today: our people and young generations, our nature, our traditions and society, our arts and our ideas.

Our symbol, the 3000 years old little march is a time immemorial symbol related to the first Indo-Europeans. It’s symbolistic encapsulates the timeless duality of brain and heart, reason and kindness – which are our core moral drivers. The tradition is still alive in an area populated by over 30 million people, carrying the message of spring and rebirth every March. Still in 2020. 

It’s a startling example of resilience in spite of the passage of time and trends, the Roman Empire and Social Media alike.

Our Mission

Educate the young generation, energise the people, preserve the nature, uphold traditions and heritage, embolden ideas. Revive Romania. As a civilisation.

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How we started?

How We Got Started

Our story – begins in March 2017, when we thought for the first time to bring the martisor to the Romanian community in UK, some over 2000 km away from home. And not only to them, but to the broad international community of the perhaps most diverse city in Europe, that is London. 

Receiving a great deal of gratitude, words of encouragement and seeing the emotions our fellow citizens felt when they discovered such a nice surprise in the first day of spring, we decided to start a full scale project that would bring this symbol closer to the Romanian communities and more than that: promote our uniqueness through campaigns and projects aimed at educating the public and making a real impact. As such, Little March was founded as a charity on the 2nd  February 2018.

Where We Are Now

After 2 years of existence we managed to impact over 60 vulnerable children in Romania and Moldova, we held two educational talks events  for the Romanian community in London, we grew our membership 4 times and we are looking forward into the 20s with intrepidity. Our 2020 Mărțișor event is about to start soon. Stay tuned!

Pressing Issues in Romania

Despite its unparalleled beauty and rich cultural heritage Romania is suffering. It has the highest rates of population leaving the country, illegal logging, and highest rate of functional illiteracy in the EU. Furthermore, we have the lowest scores on people reading, going to museums or artistic performances in the Union — Romania needs action.

Fast, smart and now.

People Impacted So Far

The Life and Light Placement Centre in Bucharest, the Small Group Homes Placement Centre in Chișinău, the Young Romanian Community in London and the broad Romanian speaking community of London. Our hard-work & contribution has not gone by unnoticed, having received the Ambassador’s Diploma for Outstanding Services to the Romanian Community Abroad.

We’ve managed to impact thousands of people in only two years.


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Iulian - Chairman

Iulian is one of our founding members and has activated as Chairman of the Board since 2019. His passion and drive to contribute to the development of Humankind have been at the centre of Little March’s vision. 

Ionut - Secretary

Ionut has been involved as our Board’s secretary since 2018. He has been a vocal advocate for our cause ever since its inception and he is passionate about leaving a mark of kindness on the world.

Daniel - Chancellor

Daniel has been appointed as our Chancellor in the fall of 2019  to further strengthen our grassroots partnerships. As an ambassador for our cause, Daniel is determined to go above and beyond to ensure he makes a difference. 

Valeria - VP Communications

Valeria has been our VP responsible for Communications since our inception. Known for her outstanding artistic talents, she hopes to inspire future young generations towards following their passions.


Traian - Treasurer

Traian is one of our founding members and has activated as the organisation’s Treasurer ever since its inception in 2018. He is highly driven to contribute towards creating a world of better opportunities for future generations.  

Gabriela - VP Events

Gabriela is our VP responsible for Events since the beginning of 2019. She has been remarked within our recruits as an outstanding ally of our cause. Her keen eye for detail, enthusiasm and vigour have made our events nothing short of outstanding so far.

Our Projects

vulnerable children impacted

Funds raised - GBP

Little march crafts distributed

We’ve Raised over £10,000…

With just a handful of members we raised over 5k and impacted the lives of over 60 disadvantaged and SEN children in Romania in Moldova in 2019 alone.

One more child can be helped today and with your kind contribution.

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